Saturday, February 19, 2011

Cayman Today

Cayman Today 2/20/2011
"The Crooked Man" by:
Michael Orhelein,
“The Portrait Artist”.

It is with affection and admiration that this photograph is titled "The Crooked Man". Before I got to know him I noticed how he fished and the dexterity and balance he possessed out on the treacherous iron shore. It was more amazing as he stood for hours bent arm and crooked back and seemingly very content. His name is Clinton. He is an old Cayman native, still fishing the way of old Cayman. He is old, missing teeth and very happy to catch a few fish every day for his dinner.

I have learned that if you take the time to see, you will always find something of interest. This blog is meant to share with you those people, places, and things that I have found in my daily travels. Although portrait photography is my passion I am fascinated with the world around me.

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