Saturday, April 4, 2009

Cayman Today

Cayman Today 4/4/09

Hello, Michael Orhelein, “The Portrait Artist”, here. It’s another beautiful day in Grand Cayman.

I have learned that if you take the time to see, you will always find something of interest. This blog is meant to share with you those people, places, and things that I have found in my daily travels. Although portrait photography is my passion I am fascinated with the world around me.

Grand Cayman Today:

The Joy of Dance. Image 100-1634

Joy is evident in dance. The joy this little girl must have felt was expressed in her jumping and spinning. I watched for several minutes, and it made me smile to see such uninhibited happiness. This all took place outside my condo in Bodden Town. I saw her from my balcony and grabbed my camera. She didn’t seem to mind my presence as she danced.

Technical info:

Camera: Canon 5D

Lens: 70-200 IS L

Focal length: 85mm

Exposure: 1/400@F/7.1

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